Nutrition for Sports

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Nutrition for Sports:

Nutrition for sports can help optimise your performance, from the building block of adequate protein and carbohydrate intake to esoteric supplements that give small but noticeable boosts were it matters. One simple esoteric to demonstrate optimal nutrition for sports performance is the carb refuelling calculator below, my own calculator that estimates the optimal refuel between events spaced less than 24 hours apart.


And this table shows the optimal number of days for increasing the percentage carb nutrition for sports performance (carb loading) in mixed and endurance events.


Duration: Days of Carb Loading:
Non endurance <60mins 0
Mixed sports or endurance events 60-90mins 2 (or max possible)
Endurance events 90mins plus 10 (or max possible)


Here we have another demonstration of optimal nutrition for sports performance this time with a calculator that estimates the teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate that will provide an optimal boost by serving as lactic acid buffer to sprint athletes.

Sodium Bicarbonate has been shown to be effective in numerous trials as you can see I have advanced knowledge of nutrition for sports and can help with all aspects of sports nutrition from sprint and power events to endurance sports

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Finally we have an oral n-acteyl-cysteine calculator representing best supplemental nutrition for sports performance in endurance athletes.

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