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  • £49 assessment session online, £70 Rodney Street (including physical exam), £20 a month support and plan adaptation service (optional), £49 for portion based meal plan with plate model

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Liverpool Weight Loss & IBS Clinic:

Hi I am The Health Therapist (Andrew Gee MSc) a weight loss, & IBS specialist nutritionist with a dedicated Liverpool clinic. I have an MSc, BSc and level 5 Diploma in nutritional therapy (ACSM & FHT registered), and rest assured I can help.

I offer a unique service with a £49* consultation at 3 months with an upfront commitment of just £20 a week for ongoing support (as needed). (*or £99 for Rodney Street consulation).

Or choose my £20 Q & A service for weight loss services, IBS, & nutritionist orientated questions.

Liverpool Nutritionist:

As a local Liverpool nutritionist my approach varies through a series of nutritional experiments with your diet in the form of different different meal plans to find the diet that works best for you and your individual genetics, be it low carb, low saturated fat, DASH diet, low FODMAPS, the gut friendly diet; whilst concurrently recording symptoms in a food/symptom diary (you can add symptoms like hunger, and fatigue or any other weight loss, IBS or nutrition symptom you wish to track).

If you have any other diet system in mind I will work with that to come up with a personalised solution that will test for things like optimal gut bacteria, phase 1 and 2 detoxification processes, and food intolerances, obviously as well as nutritional sufficiency. This level of personalisation is not available anywhere else, we can even short cut the investigative phase through appropriate testing if desired

I would also expect at around 12-20 weeks to have an assessment to measure how you have improved, and inform the final advice on your personalised best diet type for your unique goals be it weight loss, IBS or other nutrition issue.

Improve and manage your IBS symptoms:

MSc, BSc & Level 5 Diploma qualifications

Advanced assessments for IBS, diet health & weight loss from a Liverpool nutritionist

“The future lies within the eyes of those that choose to see, not those content with being, but with what they can yet be”

– Andrew Gee MSc MFHT  (The Health Therapist)

Advanced testing procedures and tests available for:

  • Nutritional deficiencies; gut-microbiome, absorption and malabsorption, diet health & barriers to weight loss
  • Learn about appropriate supplementation – hint most probiotics WILL NOT WORK
  • Lactose / Gluten / Fructose intolerance and bloating (not IgG as this is unreliable) – these are often described as hidden intolerances that affect diet & weight loss
  • IBS symptoms, leaky gut and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
  • The Ultimate Fatigue investigation
  • Food allergy (inhalants and food panels)
  • DNA test for diet only
  • Advanced DNA test for ancestry information, fully comprehensive diet & lifestyle advice – unlock the power of your genome
  • Most tests available upon request…

Contact Me

Email: andygee29@gmail.com



The Health Therapist Nutrition & Weight Loss Clinic
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